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High Temperature Epoxy

There are many types of high-temperature epoxy, as the last thing you need when repairing or bonding materials is for it to soften when heat is applied. Common applications of high-temperature epoxy are vehicle repairs, pipe repairs, concrete bonding and more.

The Characteristics of Epoxy

Epoxy is an excellent choice of materials for many applications. It gives durability, chemical resistance, and high strength for bonding. They are also thermally conductive and can withstand steam exposure.

High-temperature epoxy comes in various forms, the higher resistance to heat required, corresponds with the cost price. Epoxy kits can start with materials able to withstand up to 150 degrees, and this goes up to extreme heat resistance up to 600 degrees. Industrial mixed high-heat epoxy is known to withstand more than 1500 degrees – as it is uniquely cured often found in the components in aircrafts. At the higher end, they are also usually formulated with materials such as quartz to offer high heat curing. Using the right epoxy for the end-purpose is critical with this material, as each can have slightly different results when cured.

Epoxy Tooling Boards

Epoxy Tooling Boards utilise the high-temperature epoxy resistance the material gives, then commonly used for all forms of carbon fibre production and vacuum forming materials including prepreg tooling, moulds and composites. It is a strong and resilient product with excellent internal consistency, allowing the production of highly accurate patterns and moulds. It is also available in many different board thicknesses up to 200mm.


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